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Techplus 2018

Digital transformation results from what economists who study scientific progress and technical change call a general-purpose technology—that is, one that has the power to continually transform itself, progressively branching out and boosting productivity across all sectors and industries.

TechPlus 2018 will promote thought leadership where pacesetters in business and government exchange ideas and share expert insights on key digital technology issues shaping and defining the ways we live, work and play. The tech industry in Africa continues to be characterized by high levels of growth and opportunity. As the industry becomes more dynamic, the opportunities within it increase in equal amount, as do the challenges. In 2018, the TechPlus conference will provide an essential, in-depth coverage of digital transformation.

With the theme, “Digital: Value to Life”, the conference will be exploring why people should go digital, why files should be stored in the clouds, tapping into the potentials of digital values, and more.

Running across the full length of the event, the 2018 conference programme will continue to be a central focus for the event, challenging and educating delegates whilst covering the value digital adds to life – for life and business growth strategies.

The conference is expected to explore advancements in some of the major trends of the Digital Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Digital values, Maximizing the benefits of the new technology, etc. It seeks to enable an increased, in-depth analysis of the topics and trends that are shaping the digital industry in 2018 and beyond.
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Tani Obaro

Managing Director/CEO of SystemSpecs



Regional Director, Africa Resource Centre for Supply Chain – Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria



CEO, Nigeria Climate Innovation Center.


N. Mijindadi

Managing Director, GE Gas Power Systems (GPS)
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